Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Indie Publishing Secret #10 Mobi Pocket

Indie Secret #10

Did you figure out which ISBN route to take? I hope I gave you enough information to navigate your way through it without a lot of headache.

Onward and upward to Mobipocket. Now you need to change your book into .HTML. If you already know how to do that, you can skip this post.

Mobipocket is a free way to convert your book into HTML for uploading to the Kindle. You can upload a word doc. but you are bound to have issues with how it is formated once in the Kindle system. This step takes those issues away. (Amazon owns this site...big surprise, right?)
  1.  Go to
  2. In Mobipocket Creator-Select create an ebook
  3. Download the program. You also want to download Mobipocket reader, so you can read the book once uploaded and converted. Do this now.
  4. Select import word document (If that's how you created and saved your book)
  5. Browse and find your book then import it
  6. Add your cover picture. Simply browse and once you find it, add it. This is the high resolution thumbnail image you requested from Createspace by calling and having them send you the thumbnail. Tell them you need this for promotional flyers-which you do. Of course, if you didn't use Cover Creator in Createspace you should have your own file/thumbnail with your cover.
  7. Select your cover and click update
  8. Select Build from the Menu
When it is finished. It will say, Build finished.
  1. Click on "Preview your book with Mobipocket Reader for PC" (Your book is now in .prc format) Pretty cool huh?
  2. Exit and Save
  3. Click "Open" at the top of the page. Your book will come up in  "My docs/publications folder" automatically. This is what you upload to Kindle when you're ready. (I'll go over this next week)
Have fun with Mobipocket! It is an awesome resource.

Happy Mobipocketing!

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So helpful, Cindy! Thanks!