Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Indie Publishing News

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  OK! This is 

The other day, while signing books in a Costco, I was talking to a manager about getting ebook scanners into stores. He told me that they are actually looking into a machine that prints dvds and bluerays while you wait. He says they lose so much money on theft of dvds and especially bluerays that it is a plausible option for them.

Well, it's also in the works for BOOKS. No kidding. Read this article. It is amazing.
POD in stores ?

It's a reality already. So cool! I love this idea. It costs a bit more, but is reasonable, don't you think. Sure the emphasis is on backlist right now, but just think what it could do for indie-authors.

Yeah! I thought you'd like that!

MY SECRET? Next week....I promise.


Donna K. Weaver said...

How much time do you spend on your marketing, Cindy? I'm amazed you have time to write with how busy you are.

Canda said...

Wow. this could change things up a bit. The article was interesting. I'll be watching to see how it affects indie publishing. I can also see how books for niche markets would really benefit. Grandpa could write his personal story, and his family could have it as a book.