Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Indie Publishing Secrets Revealed. Effective Book Descriptions

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What should the description of your book include on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all the other sites your book is sold?

1. It should start with a few catchy review quotes that are short and sweet like: "I couldn't put it down.", "well-written", "fantastic read". Definitely give credit to those who reviewed it with a dash and their last name along with "reviewer". If you get the phrases off Amazon or already got permission to post the reviews, go for it. If not, then ask permission before posting the names. Check out Watched's description here.

2. Then, tease your reader. Get them excited to jump into your book. 3-4 sentences only. here.

3. Put the back blurb in if it's a good one (and short) and it better be. here.

4. End with 3-4 other quotes that speak to other great things about your book that weren't covered in the quotes you put in the beginning. here.

5. Add a call to action- buy this, without saying buy this. For example: Only .99 cents.

  • Once you have it just how you want it, ask a lot of people to read it over and give their two cents. 
  • Listen to what they have to say and then ask why they say it.Tune into the feelings your description evokes. That is so important. You want people to really want to buy it. Use your critique groups, your online groups, even Facebook and Twitter to try it out.
Good Luck and have fun writing your description. Make it perfect. 
Just remember, you need this at least one month before you release or launch your book.


Canda said...

Great ideas! I'm not at this point in my career yet, but I'm keeping track of your suggestions for when I am.

Heidi L. Murphy said...

Thanks for your helpful advice!